Professional Fiduciary Services


Marchi, Smith & Levin provides highly experienced, competent, compassionate, and ethical fiduciary services to our clients. We have proven expertise in assessing the financial situation and needs of our clients while demonstrating scrupulous attention to the highest ethical standards. Our first consideration in fiduciary services is to ensure that the overall needs of each client are identified and met to the fullest extent possible, as defined by their financial resources. We make confidential arrangements with our clients and/or their responsible parties to oversee the financial management of their daily needs. We are highly proficient in meeting the rigorous demands of trust accounting and utilize the standards established by the probate court for fiduciary accountings.

Marchi, Smith & Levin offers a wide variety of fiduciary services, including serving as:

  • Trustee (revocable, irrevocable, insurance, charitable, special needs trusts)
  • Agent under Power of Attorney for Financial Management
  • Agent under Power of Attorney for Healthcare
  • Executor/Administrator for Probate Administration
  • Guardian for the Estate of a Minor
  • Conservator of the Estate
  • Conservator of the Person
  • Representative Payee for Social Security
  • Trust Protector