Fiduciary Management

When designated in the client’s estate plan or granted the authority by the Probate Court, we serve in the following capacities:

  • Trustee
  • Executor
  • Agent under Power of Attorney for Financial Management
  • Agent under Healthcare Directive
  • Representative Payee for Social Security
  • Trust Protector
  • Guardian for minor child

Fiduciary Support

When a non-professional fiduciary is serving and intends to remain in that role, we can help that individual carry out their responsibilities by doing the following:

  • Inventorying and appraising assets
  • Preparing annual accountings
  • Reviewing existing estate plan
  • Overseeing beneficiary distributions
  • Organizing records for tax preparation
  • Analyzing and advise on cash flow and depletion
  • Paying bills and developing a budget
  • Processing insurance claims.
  • Advocating for client with financial institutions, pension plans, insurance companies, government agencies.
  • Facilitating positive communication and resolve conflicts between beneficiaries and among co-fiduciaries

Personal Care Management

The following is a sampling of the functions we perform as Care Manager:

  • Assessing needs and developing a care plan regarding client’s most suitable residence, safety of the residence, health needs, domestic needs, transportation, therapy
  • Communicating with and advocating to families, health professionals, and care communities
  • Engaging and monitoring caregivers
  • Conducting ongoing plan review to ensure client physical, safety and emotional needs are being maintained
  • Building consensus and resolving conflicts between clients and their family members, among family members or care providers